Lounge Aria Trouser Bottoms Pale Pink

£19.99 £30.00

For lovers of relaxation and feminine elegance, this drop captures our vision for an elevated way of relaxation in the home this winter, in an era of rediscovered love for loungewear and luxury. Timeless luxury, a stylish take on the modern-day tracksuit. 

This collection speaks to the need to take care of our three homes; our body, our earth, our mind.

Our body - tailored with rich yet lightweight fabric which is breathable, smooth and gentle on our skin.

Our earth - organically sourced fabric made from wood, biodegradable and can fully degrade back to mother nature. Its manufacturing method has 50% less impact on emissions and water than industry regular alternatives thereby allowing you to leave a lighter footprint on this planet.

Our mind - A collection for those who seek balance, each piece is designed with the joy of dressing up and comfort in mind.

Please note, this is designed for a tight fit for those who prefer a loose, figure skimming fit please size upwards or contact us for any inquiries.


Size Guide

Bags are One Size Only

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