Our Story

Her creativity has no limits.

Sacco The Label. Created for the fashion-conscious, our feminine & timeless designs are set to create unforgettable memories. We see clothing as art and created this brand so your beachwear wardrobe can allow you to step into your higher self. For star-gazers, sunset chasers and ocean lovers, when you buy from us, you are cast away to a faraway tropical paradise. Sun-drenched days spent sipping on coconuts & nights spent dancing under the stars wearing clothing that represents a bold, fiery and free-spirited attitude to life.

Our brand was inspired from our love of the ocean, the sounds of beach waves rolling, the whole new world down under and the glistening across the sea at golden hour. We aim to create beachwear that whisks you away to meditative and magical scenes... unleashing your inner sea goddess.

Our customer is delicate yet powerful. She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire. She’s classy and sophisticated. She’s wild but soft. She is divine. She is pure. She is perfect. Her creativity has no limits.

When creating each design, we aim to bridge the gap between feminine elegance and the ability to turn heads and make an impact with fierce and bold colour ways and intricate patterns.

After a turtle conservation expedition and seeing the first-hand effects of mankind on our ocean, we work towards providing as many sustainable designs as possible and supporting our chosen charity, Coral Guardian to plant coral and restore peace within our oceans. Our clothing is ethically made in Bali where we work closely with our factory and see them as close friends, not just business partners.

Sexy & fierce or fun & flirty? The limit does not exist. Come with us on our journey to make the magic happen.

Our Values


We create timeless pieces, set to create unforgettable memories and help uncover your unique brand and style.


We believe you are made of magic and truly believing in yourself and trusting your gut is the key to success.


We provide sustainable designs which help reduce plastic in our oceans. We have partnered with an ocean protection charity that enables each Sacco purchase to help plant coral and restore our reefs.


We aim to keep sustainability and sophistication at the heart of everything we do. We work with an ethical factory in Bali & consciously create designs to help you step into your higher self.