The Casa D'inverno collection - what you need to know and how to style your set!

The collection aims to combine feminine elegance and relaxation. We created this collection to be worn in the home lounging or out on the stress for comfort whilst still looking your best. 

The Luna open back lounge top:

The details: Long-sleeved top with a ribbed design, a round neckline, cropped length and an open back with a self-tie band.

How to style: Pair with the Aria flared lounge trouser with a cosy herbal tea for a movie marathon, curl your hair & whack on your favourite pair of booties ready for brunch with the girls or jeans & heels to glam up for city living. 

Where to wear: The perfect top for relaxing around the home, running errands or brunch with the girls.

The Aria flared lounge trouser:

The details: High waisted flared trousers with an elasticised waist, a wide leg, comfy fit and ribbed design.

How to style: Pair with the Luna open back lounge top or crop-top for those who want to hit the town.

Where to wear: Flattering fit ideal for lounging in the home, jet-setting & airport travel and everyday wear. 

December 17, 2021